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Warrensburg / Sedalia Private Investigator - Providing Answers

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Don't wait for the part-time Sedalia or Warrensburg private investigators to return your phone call after they get off work from their other job. Rely on a Warrensburg private investigator that makes the job his full time business.

Since 1994, we are the Warrensburg, Missouri private investigator and Warrensburg, Missouri private detective that many Missouri attorneys choose, as well as attorneys across the country when their needs bring them to Warrensburg, Central Missouri, and Sedalia.

Primarily, we provide skip tracing (people locates), process service, and surveillance (cheating spouse/lover, worker's comp and personal injury), as well as witness interviews and child welfare surveillance cases.  All investigations require a retainer.  More information on our process serving services is at www.ProcessMissouri.com.

Rugen - A Graduate of the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg
Rugen Team Investigations, LLC,  serves the entire states of Missouri and Kansas including serving as a Warrensburg private investigator.  Ron Rugen has nine years experience in Federal government, seven years experience in Missouri state government with the Missouri Department of Social Services and the Division of Aging, and is a former broadcast journalist, which enhances his ability to secure quality surveillance video.  Rugen's broadcasting experience includes KOKO Warrensburg, KMOS-TV, Sedalia, and the former KCMW (now The Bridge) in Warrensburg.  Mr. Rugen has trained hundreds of private investigators and debt collectors across the country to improve their skills through his founding of NetWebinars.com, before selling the business in Spring 2008.  Mr. Rugen speaks at conferences training fellow private investigators.  Ron Rugen is now owner and operator of the PI TV network, providing news of interest to fellow private investigators.  Mr. Rugen is a former member of the Board of the Missouri Association of Private Investigators.  For your Warrensburg private investigator, call Ron Rugen personally today at 816-749-2747..

Private Investigator, Warrensburg

Private Investigator, Warrensburg

Private Investigator, Warrensburg
Cheating Spouse Investigations

Private Investigator, Warrensburg
People Locates

Private Investigator, Warrensburg
Child Custody Investigations
Private Investigator, Warrensburg
Personal Injury Investigations
Private Investigator, Warrensburg
Witness Interviews
Private Investigator, Warrensburg
Worker's Comp Investigations

Private Investigator
Warrensburg, Mo

Call (816) 749-2747 now to get a full-time private investigator providing you answers! We can give you peace of mind if you think your spouse is cheating, or locate that person you need to have served. Call Now for a free initial phone consultation!

Cheating Spouse Surveillance

At PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR WARRENSBURG our private investigator works seven days a week. If you have questions that need answering, something just doesn't seem right, we can have a Warrensburg private investigator seek to provide video proof and give you answers. PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR WARRENSBURG detectives have a reputation for being top notch private investigators. Your best choice for a private investigator in WARRENSBURG or the surrounding areas including SEDALIA is PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR WARRENSBURG.

PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR WARRENSBURG only uses state licensed and insured private investigators. PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR WARRENSBURG’S detectives are trained in surveillance, divorce investigations, witness interviews, and people locates. Call us now for a free initial telephone consultation.

PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR WARRENSBURG offers a vareity of services to meet your needs. With PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR WARRENSBURG you get an experienced private detective in video surveillance. We know that you need answers in order to make decisions, and PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR WARRENSBURG will help you in finding answers.

PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR WARRENSBURG can provide you state licensed private investigation services as well as process serving (not regulated by state licensing).

PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR WARRENSBURG can meet your private investigator needs. Our company serves Warrensburg, Sedalia and all of Missouri and Kansas.

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  • Cheating Spouse Surveillance
  • People Locates
  • Witness Interviews
  • Process Service
  • Child Custody Investigations
  • Surveillance - Spouse, Worker's Comp, Personal Injury
  • Audio/Video
    Bug Sweeps
  • Cell Phone Forensics
  • Computer Forensics
  • Divorce Investigations
  • Collections Asset Locates
  • General Investigations

Private Investigator, Warrensburg Missouri

 Missouri Private Investigator
Agency License #2016043952

Kansas Private Investigator
License #D5364

Private Investigator, Warrensburg Missouri

Private Investigator, Warrensburg Missouri
Owner/PI Ron Rugen
We can meet with you by appointment in Warrensburg,
Sedalia or at our KC Office:

7001 N. Locust St., Ste. 206
Kansas City, MO 64118


Private Investigator, Warrensburg Missouri 
Private Investigator, Warrensburg Missouri
Fox News Appearance
Private Investigator, Warrensburg Missouri
HLN-TV Jane Velez-Mitchell Commentary
Private Investigator, Warrensburg Missouri
Fox4 News Interview
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Rugen Team Investigations
7001 N. Locust St., Ste. 206, Kansas City, MO 64118-2555

Mid-Missouri Process Service  Office: 601 Business Loop 70 W, Ste 134-G, Columbia, MO 65203

Ozarks Process Service Office: 1736 E. Sunshine, Ste, LL-8A, Springfield, MO 65804

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